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Cindy led the charge delivering an in depth marketing strategy for All Copy Products and did a superior job. She and her staff took the time to really get to know the history and future plans of our company and was able to put together a very detailed and successful strategic marketing plan. Cindy is very knowledgeable, professional, and has a great attitude accompanied by a warm smile. She has been a great role model for me, as I was just getting started in marketing when we met. I highly recommend 5280 Accelerator to help any company with any marketing initiatives. 
– Valerie Brockling, Marketing Director, All Copy Products

Cindy and her team began helping me with the overall marketing strategy and implementation plan for the launch of our website. As hoped for, they put together a solid plan which we have been successfully following since the launch of our product last fall. But what was truly unexpected was how Cindy's involvement with Venato became a truly critical success factor to the company’s viability and potential. They've gone far above and beyond “just marketing” to become an invaluable resource within my company. I frequently find myself asking Cindy for advice and input in areas such as sales strategy (including sales funnel management), industry knowledge research, and even product direction. Cindy is an invaluable asset to and I look forward to working with her for many years to come!

    – Billy McCafferty, Founder & CEO Codai/Venato

I met and hired Cindy Skerjanec and the 5280 Accelerator group almost 5 years ago. From the very beginning Cindy has shown herself to be capable, conscientious, and always brings her "A Game" to the table. Much of the growth in my business has come from her enthusiasm, professionalism, creativity and energy. What started as a simple professional service relationship has evolved into a business partnership and I rely on her completely to take care of marketing my business. I know what 5280 Accelerator does is working based on the comments I receive from clients and prospective clients. 
– Bob Zarlengo, RJZ, Inc.

Cindy is an Outsourced / Fractional CMO, as well as the owner of a marketing agency called 5280 Accelerator. We have several joint clients and I have personally hired Cindy and her team to do marketing for my business as well. Our joint clients absolutely love her work and the value she delivers at reasonable prices is outstanding; way above any marketing firm I have ever worked with.
– Jay Greenwald, Fractional VP of Sales, Sales Xceleration

If you want something done and done right you hire Cindy! She meets every challenge with smarts and enthusiasm. From her forward thinking strategic planning to her sound marketing executions that are right on target, she gets the results you’re looking for. Her professionalism is unmatched and her warm approachable spirit make her a joy to work with. Having Cindy on your team will be a great and worthwhile experience. 
– John Barnard, Principal/Creative Director, Barnard Advertising & Design

I have seen Cindy’s work with several clients, to whom I have recommended Cindy and her team. Recently, she stepped into a leadership role with Colorado Trusted Advisors, and WOW has she improved our marketing! Her messages are on point, professional and very effective. I recommend her, and 5280 Accelerator, to any organization that is not getting all they need from their Marketing function. 
- Bob Dodge, Senior VP, The Alternative Board – Denver West

I’ve worked with Cindy and her team for 3 years.  To say they are awesome is an understatement.  From the beginning Cindy has focused on clearly identifying and implementing marketing strategies specific for me and my business.  She is always professional, curious, timely and a delight to work with.  In the past year, Cindy and her team have helped me double my business!  Even if I wasn’t a financial guy, I wouldn’t need a calculator to compute the ROI.
– Rick Arthur, CFO, Financial Intelligence Expert, Small Business Financial Strategist

We brought in Cindy and the team at 5280 Accelerator to help us refine our non-profit agency’s brand, message, and outreach. Since working with them, our communications and brand identity have been elevated significantly, enabling us to better reach the community we serve. Cindy balances a strategic and tactical approach, keeping an eye on the bigger picture while also being attentive to the details. She and her team have helped us make substantial strides in how we communicate and execute our vision. We at Evergreen Service Providers are proud and excited to have her and her team working alongside of ours.
– Barbara Myers, Executive Director, Evergreen Service Providers

Cindy recently guided me through the 90-Day Agile Accelerator program for small business owners.  Working with Cindy provided me the opportunity to discover my purpose professionally, and personally, bringing focus to what matters most in my life.  Cindy’s enthusiasm pushed me to think big by envisioning “success” and defining the framework required to achieving it.  Her active listening helped me to identify and prioritize actionable and meaningful goals aligned within this framework.  Cindy’s inquiry led me to ask tough questions of myself and break through barriers I hadn’t known existed.  Her encouragement forced me out of my comfort zone and bolstered my confidence to do what it takes to achieve my dreams.
– Darci Drost, Senior Associate, Strategic Resources West, Inc.

Working with Cindy was a great experience. Using her 90 Day Accelerator, I achieved all of the objectives we set for Selah Mindfulness. She's smart and insightful, bringing an experienced perspective to the table. If you're looking for someone to help you move to a new level, Cindy is an excellent choice.
– Don Barnes, Founder/Owner at Selah Mindfulness, Speaker, Trainer, Vagabond

Cindy has worked with us for several years and has become an essential part of our team. I've never been a good marketer and tended to downplay our services. However, Cindy has taken us way past that and is instrumental in approaching our services strategically so that I'm much more comfortable reaching out to existing and potential clients. I highly recommend her.
– Denny Hill, Schoolonomist™ | Author, The Essential Guide to School Facility Planning