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The One Thing You Need to Finish in 2019

August 29, 2019


As we enter into the last month of Q3, now is the perfect time to take stock of what you’ve accomplished this year and what’s still at the top of your to-do list. What’s the one thing you really need to finish in 2019?  


If you wrote down your goals at the beginning of the year, you probably know what it is right away. Even if you weren’t as diligent about goal-setting as you would like to have been, you may still have that nagging feeling of what is yet to be done to set your business up for future growth.


What’s gotten in the way of achieving that goal this year? There are many things that can get us off track: distractions; feeling overwhelmed and pulled in too many directions at once; doing too much yourself rather than delegating; procrastination; the idea that you’ll get everything else done then focus on this one project – yet other things keep coming; just being stuck.


How can you tackle the One Thing . . . and get it done?

  • Make it a priority. Consciously choose to put it at the top of your list until it is completed.

  • Make decisions. If you’ve been stuck in terms of what this project is going to look like, now’s the time to get yourself out of the weeds by making some preliminary decisions – which can be tweaked as you go.

  • Break it into steps. Small, iterative steps are easier to complete than a looming big-picture project.

  • Make a plan. Estimate and set aside time for each step. This gives you a structure and a process to know what to do and when!

  • Eliminate distractions and time gluttons. Just as important as knowing what you need to do is knowing what you don’t need to do. Are there tasks that don’t need to be done at all? Or, maybe you don’t need to do them yourself – delegate.

  • Focus. Keep your eyes on the prize. It will inspire and energize your efforts to reach your goal.

  • Start!


The principle of approaching goals and building on them incrementally, rather than trying to deliver them all at once at the end of the year, is at the core of our 90-Day Agile Accelerator program. It’s a time-boxed, iterative approach that works because it breaks projects down into little bits or “sprints” for which actions are planned and executed. After one sprint is completed, it is evaluated, lessons are learned, and then the next sprint starts.


Imagine setting goals that might normally take you 6, 8, or even 12 months to complete, and instead, completing them in just 90 days! When you have clear goals and a guide to help you navigate through the clutter, you'll begin to see measurable results take place right in front of your eyes.


​Consider adopting the 90-60-15-5 rhythm – an element of the 90-Day Agile Accelerator Program that will help you clarify your goals and activities and keep you on track.

  • 90: Each quarter devote 90 minutes to developing your goals for the next 3 months.

  • 60: Each month spend 60 minutes reviewing and revising your goals and tasks for the coming month.

  • 15: Every week spend 15 minutes putting your tasks into your calendar for the coming week.

  • 5: Every day spend 5 minutes reviewing what you need to accomplish today.



The 90-60-15-5 plan can be your key to achieving your goals! Learn more about it at https://www.5280accelerator.com/accelerate or schedule a complimentary discovery call to discuss how you can accelerate your productivity and achieve your goals in less time. Because, before you know it, here comes Q4!

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