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Time for Some Spring Cleaning

April 14, 2019


The popularity of Marie Kondo’s book, The Joy of Tidying Up, in addition to her new Netflix series of the same name, has started many people thinking about the material things in their homes that spark joy. Her premise is, if it sparks joy, keep it; if it doesn’t spark joy, thank it for its service and get rid of it.

The same can be said for how we approach life and work.


Why do we live our lives the way we do if it doesn’t spark joy? How can we run our businesses in a way that brings more joy to our clients, our employees, and ourselves? How do we become more aware of the “stuff’ of our lives so we can let go of the bad and let in the good?


These seem like pretty fundamental questions, but when we unknowingly pile on the “mess” every day, we can become hoarders of stuff that no longer serves us. This “stuff” can include:

  • Holding on to bad habits

  • Saying yes to everything

  • Letting your business control you

  • Doing work you don’t love

  • Not paying attention to your health

  • Not spending enough time with your loved ones and friends

  • Feeling hopeless or unmotivated

Of course, this list is not complete, but you get the point. When things no longer serve us, they tend to pile up in a way that leaves us feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally confined.


Sounds like it’s time for a little spring cleaning!


Much like Marie Kondo’s approach to tidying up your physical space, I work with business owners as a coach to tidy up your business. We begin by uncovering your vision:

  • Why do you do what you do?

  • Why did you start your business?

  • What do you love about it?

  • What do you wish you were doing more of?

Then, we look at what 3 or 4 things you can focus on, in a 90-day sprint, to get you closer to achieving that vision. Those things are broken down into specific actions that we develop together, and as your accountability partner, I help you manage and track your achievements and celebrate them along the way.


The 90-Day Agile Accelerator program takes you through an iterative process for 90 days. It provides clarity on your objectives, a laser focus on the things that will help you meet those objectives, and a time to revisit, regroup, and recharge at the end of the 90-day sprint.


This is a process that brings my clients a lot of clarity and joy, which in turn, brings me joy. When you are crystal clear about your goals and have an accountability partner to help you reach them, you’ll begin to shed the things that are no longer serving you and get on the path to your own true joy. Learn more about my program by visiting https://www.5280accelerator.com/accelerate.

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